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ROC# 187538   &   ROC# 209304

Wall of Shame

Below are a few examples of what happens when you choose the wrong company for your Heating & Cooling needs. Remember, the lowest bid may end up being more expensive in the end. To be safe choose Autumn Air!

If they had a ounce of pride they would have spent the extra 20 minutes to hide those hideous linesets, and ran them behind the equipment.

This is what happens when you don't use a stand, something to do with the laws of gravity!

After seeing the stand, the ducting doesn`t really surprise me. I wonder how much money these folks saved?

I might be able to slide a business card between those units,,,, sheesh!

Imagine , what your blower looks like when you don`t clean your filter montly.....oh wait, with this picture you don`t have to imagine.


I think it might just be a little low on refrigerant charge.

This is what happens when the contractor wins the bid and has to cut corners I guess, good way to save $45.00.

I guess electrical and gas codes don?t apply to this a/c company.

I wonder if the flue pipe on this unit will actually remove the carbon monoxide, my guess is NO!

Nice stand, reminds me of the board game Jenko!

How long do you think that home-made stand will last?

Lovely duct work!

Probably why they don't recommend a home-made wood stand, This is going to get ugly. knows how to do it the right way and knows how to make it safe for you and for your family. (be careful that you DO NOT end up with a contractor that doesn't) Call us for a FREE quote.